With eight years of experience, Foreigner’s Guide offers all inclusive administrative services related to every aspect of immigration and settlement issues for foreigners arriving and intending to be employed in Hungary. Our company escorts foreign employees safely and smoothly through the complex procedures of office routine, making their stay in Hungary more comfortable.


– Acquiring work permits
– Acquiring visas and permits of residence
– Acquiring permits of permanent residence
– Handling citizenship affairs

Acquiring official permits required for long-term residence in Hungary. We take the burden off the HR department and the foreign client; we prepare the required documentation, we maintain contacts with the embassies, employment bureaus and the Ministry of the Interior. We provide personal and legal representation at all the administrative stages, thus reducing the time spent in agencies and offices to the minimum. We keep track of the expiry dates of the various permits, and contact the company when something needs to be taken care of. We have up-do-date information about the possibilities of entering and residing in the country, as well as about ongoing regulatory changes.


– Investigating demands
– Pre-filtering locations
– Inspecting the chosen apartment/house with the client
– Organizing the daily schedule
– Preparing the Contract of Lease
– Coordinating the moving operation
– Mediation, interpretation, setting the price (bargaining) between Lessor and Lessee
– Handling transcription of public utility meters

Based on the location(s) and criteria (e.g. distance to school/kindergarten, shopping facilities, public transports) specified by the client, we locate the real estates available from our database and our partners. The real estate is previously inspected by our colleagues. The daily schedule is designed based on the filtered data.


– City presentation program
– Surveying the real estate market
– Visit to schools/kindergartens

Providing services to the clients about to relocate, as well as to their families, before or after the start of their engagement. The city presentation program may take one or more days. We provide information about the current state of affairs of the real estate market, about cultural venues and entertainment prospects. Each client receives our own guide and information booklet containing key addresses and phone numbers that may be needed in everyday life.


– Handing over the real estate

– Concluding official permits

– Terminating service provider contracts


– Acquiring tax identification numbers
– Acquiring social security cards
– Acquiring Hungarian drivers’ licenses, naturalizing foreign documents
– Organizing moving operations at the domestic and international level
– Acquiring letters of invitation
– Acquiring visas for abroad
– Finding baby-sitters and nannies
– In addition to the services specified above, we try our best to provide assistance in issues directly or indirectly related to our field of services to answer individual needs


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